Outdoor Tech Big Turtle Shell - Review

The Outdoor Tech Big Turtle Shell is much like the Turtle Shell 2.0. If you don’t know what either is, then you are missing out on life. The Big Turtle Shell is a wireless (Bluetooth) portable speaker that is ‘generally any liquid proof’, dust proof and pretty darn loud. The speaker is aimed at athletes, party goers and outdoor enthusiast. It’s built to start a party and keep it going till the end.  

Big Turtle Shell

The ‘BTS’ has a massive battery allowing for an advertised 16hr of play time. I managed to get about 20hrs out of mine provided I didn’t change the song every 2 minutes. In addition while playing music you can charge your phone or your GoPro 7.5times! Obviously this would deplete the battery life. The BTS can be used for anything; I used it while washing my car and for company while marshalling a river race.

The box says the speaker is loud enough to annoy your neighbour. While the BTS is super load for its size, I don’t think that is an issue given our comfortable living in RSA. Its loud… proper loud and you can connect two or more of them together via an AUX cable if one is not loud enough; this is a cool added feature.

Big Turtle Shell

The main reason I have fallen in love with the BTS is it’s easy of connectivity. It comes with NFC built in. All you do is touch your NFC enabled phone on the NFC chip on the speaker and 4 seconds later you have loud roaring music. When you want it off (why would you?) you just hit the power button poof goes the music.

Big Turtle Shell

Like its smaller cousin the turtle shell 2.0, the BTS has control buttons on the outside allowing you to change song, or control volume without having to find your phone.

Last but not least, the BTS (along with a built in mic) advertises “room filling sound” because of the shape and design. It’s hard to say if the sound fills the room, but when its on you will not be unsatisfied with the quality and quantity of the sound produced.

It’s a tough choice to choose between the BTS and the Turtle Shell 2.0. Have you got one? What are your thoughts?

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Images: Adventurelife.co.za

Big Turtle Shell

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