On a mission to find a holy grail within the Magaliesberg.

Without the forces or work distracting me, not that I have a job like many other, I found myself craving…. for something. Not knowing what it was and with time on my hands over December I could escape the feeling of missing out on something, perhaps even something I had never tried.

What was I craving? Well I later found it was the taste of mountain water, crystal clean mountain water. Not just any, it had to be turquoise blue, ice cold and I didn’t only want to drink it, I wanted to experience it. So, 5 friends and myself went hunting for this craving and found exactly what I craved.

One early morning between Christmas and New Year, everyone gathered at my home  helped them selves to tea and coffee and tp wake up. After a quick discussion on the days goals, we set off. on the X marked the spot on the maps, a piece of land in the Magaliesberg not knowing what to expect, nor if we would find what we were looking for.

We found a gate with a lock…. Bugger. After obtaining permission to enter, we drove up to the top of the hill and parked one vehicle and all pilled into/ on to mine. With 4 in the car and 2 on the roofrack, we missioned along a small 4x4 track into more unknown land, territory never explored by any of us… still not knowing what we’d find.

I had only ever heard of this holy grail from friends; never sharing the details of how you would need to get there, so it was really a shot in the dark. After parking the car in a random spot in the middle of a valley in the massive Magaliesberg, we started what was a short hike of only 500m. Walking along a rough trail, rock hoping and awkwardly climbing a tree in some rocks we followed the noise of a distant waterfall.

Then we found it. Simple words or fancy ones found using a thesaurus don’t do it justice… Imagine a giant pool, about 10m x 4m, 9m deep with blue, blue water, so clean you can drink as you swim in it; rocks to rest on and an array of different height natural platforms to jump off. A shady tree to rest and 2 other pools just incase you weren’t satisfied with the first. We found a cure to the craving we found the holy grail of a mountain sanctuary and had a blast. 


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Jumping the Magaliesberg

Yesterday, We set out on a mission to find a specific spot in the Magaliesberg. this such spot I had only heard rumors of. When we found it in the middle of a massive valley in the Magaliesberg, it stood hidden from the world as a lone paradise ready to be rocked!

Posted by Terence ActionMan Vrugtman on Tuesday, 29 December 2015