Outdoor Tech Orcas Review

The Orcas from ODT is one of my favourite products from ODT. The Orcas sit alongside other waterproof tech like the Turtle Shell and Kodiak. They are well designed, small sweat proof headphones that are aimed at athletes who need earphones that can keep up. When I got my hands on them, I was sceptical. The earphones are small, have rubber node pieces I don’t like and I was concerned about the power of the speakers considering the amount of tech that goes into them.


Outdoor Tech Orcas Review


With Bluetooth Wireless tech that functions like all other ODT products, a sweat proof housing, 6hr battery life, a 150hr standby battery life built in mic, in-line controls, LED indicator and a Micro USB… how could there be enough space to add proper speakers -my feelings are ‘there isn’t’. ODT have pulled a rabbit out of a hat and I doubt they will be sharing how they did it.

These earphones are fantastic!

I've never been a fan of the type of nodes that come with the Orcas. I have never found the right size node for my ear and was concerned I would find the same issue with these. ODT presented a solution before I could grumble like a 5 yr. old. Along with the node, you can add a supplied ‘Fin’ to the ear piece that hooks into the top half of the ear cartilage and makes sure the earphones don’t budge. The combination of the fins and nodes worked well.  

While trail running, the fins held the earphones in place and it didn’t feel like I have the shove the nodes right into my ear. It was super comfortable.

Outdoor Tech Orcas Review

I continued testing at the lake where I get all my paddling done. Although they are only ‘sweat proof’, I though some additional water along with my sweat would be a good test. 10km later, I still had the goodness of rad tunes in my ears despite being drenched in sweat and water.

Did I have reason to be concerned about the sound, I think so. Am I disappointed, HELL NO! The Orcas put out enough power to make sure you never have them on full. With the built in mic, you can answer a call while training and the other person would not know you were out and about. The inline controls also allow you to adjust the volume and track settings so you don’t have to touch your phone. This helps when I have my phone in a waterproof bag.

Outdoor Tech Orcas Review

Good sound, ease of use, comfort and durability make these the earphones to use training or while living an active life.

Images: Adventurelife.co.za

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