Outex Housing Review

I recently got asked to join Explore4Knowledge to shoot some of their river research in the Cederberg. A lot of their work gets done under water so I thought it would be a good opportunity to test out my Outex housing to capture their research. 

It’s really a great solution to protect your DSLR or Mirrorless camera from water, dust, mud, etc. It fully seals the camera and is rated to a depth of 10m which is more than enough for the average photographer. 

The Outex housing is made up from 3 parts - The Cover, The Optical Lens and the View Finder. Each is selected according to your camera/lens setup. The Cover is made of a silicone type material and is able to stretch to fit from my wide angle to my 70-200. What is also great about the housings you can use different lenses with the same setup provided the lens’s diameter is the same size. If they are different,all you need to do is buy an additional Optical Lens cover to match that lens. In my case all of my lenses have a 77mm filter size, so I can use any of them with the same setup.

I’ve always wanted to try get one of those ‘half above half below’ water shots and using my wide angle in the Outex I was able to get that right.

At first it took a while getting used to getting the camera into the housings but with a bit of practice I got the hang of it. Another thing to get used it is that once the camera is in the housing, you can’t see any of your buttons, so it’s a good idea to know your camera pretty well before you try operating it blindly! 

Why would I buy this over a professional dive housing? 
  • It’s a lot cheaper. 
  • It’s much lighter, extremely compact and easy to carry around. 
  • I’m able to use multiple lenses without buying expense ports for each lens.

It does however serve a different purpose to a full on diving housing. Although you can dive to a depth of 10m, you’ll still need to be a bit cautious as it’s not protecting the camera from bumps and dings. Also, a strong enough force could rip the housings out from the seals so you need to be careful of that. An Outexs’ role comes in when you want to get some unique shots in situations that might cover your gear in water, mud, sand, snow or paint from the colour run.

To find out more info on Outex housings have a look at www.outex.com and https://www.facebook.com/OutexSa

Explore4Knowldege Website : www.explore4knowledge.com

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