Outside Magazine's top adventure photo picks

Outside Magazine has selected their Best Adventure Photography picks for 2014 that shares a fair balance between wild, thrilling, beautiful, and serene. The selection varies in subjects, from the heart-pumping image of a paragliding daredevil's descent to the the beautiful scene of an isolated man on an ironically miserable fly-fishing trip. Ultimately, they all reach an equal level of gripping visuals. 

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Parting Shot: Yosemite National Park, California (Photo: Michael Hodges/Outside Magazine)

Buckle Up on Oregon’s North Umpqua River (Photo: Charlie Munsey/Outside Magazine)

Flash Frozen in Eidfjord, Norway (Photo: Thomas Senf/Outside Magazine)

A River Ride in Missoula, Montana (Photo: Paolo Marchesi/Outside Magazine)

Drenched in Forks, Washington (Photo: Andy Anderson/Outside Magazine)

Gliding Through Moab, Utah (Photo: Scott Rogers/Outside Magazine)

Parting Shot: Anchorage, Alaska (Photo: Nathaniel Wilder/Outside Magazine)

Parting Shot: Prague, Czech Republic (Photo: Jan Kasl/Outside Magazine)

Floating on Ice in Duluth, Minnesota (Photo: Hansi Johnson/Outside Magazine)