Philips Hue – Personal Wireless Lighting

Phillips have brought nothing but innovation with their wirelessly controlled light bulb system called the Hue. The system itself is a collection of light bulbs that can be changed to any colour with the use of a simple smartphone app. If the user is wants a purple coloured theme in their home, they simply select the colour on the Philips Hue App’s colour spectrum, and the all the connected lights will instantly be turned that colour.

If the user wants to maybe switch on the lights after dark, but nobody’s home, the Hue lights bulbs can be switch on from a remote location provided both the app and the home’s server is connected and online. Additionally, the system can be time set allowing it to be pre-set to switch on and off again at a certain time.

The Hue Wireless Lighting System.

The Bulbs.
Each Hue light bulb has imbedded LEDs that give subtle tone changes to colours. For example, white can be set to warm yellow white or vibrant blue white and anything in between.

The Hue Bridge. (The Brain).
The Hue Bridge Is the ‘brain’ of the system and the ‘bridge’ between the bulbs and the app. A maximum of 50 bulbs can be connected to the Bridge.

The Hue SmartApp. (The Controller).
The App allows full control of the system and acts like a digital light switch. The first method is colour changing Pic Select where you can choose a picture from your gallery and pin point a colour on it. Then the colour will be reflected through your bulbs.

A feature called “Light Recipe” custom designs a scene to match your mode. ‘Light Recipes’ include – Relax, Concentrate, Energize, and Reading. A clever feature for the system is the Philips Scenes. Scene is a feature that allows the lighting in your house to resemble a specific scence or picture, for example a sunset or volcano scene, can be used to set the lights bulbs in your home. Colours and tones then resemble that scene.

The fuctionality of the Philips Hue has been debated, with some not keen on useing internet/WiFi for connectivly. 

Apps compatible with the Hue.

If these options are too much for you, simple colour selector lets you choose the colours of your individual bulbs.
No word has been said about the Hue’s availability in South African but interest in the product is steadily growing.