PowerTraveller Discovery and Spider Monkey Review

I find the Discovery and the SpiderMonkey are my most used tools from PowerTraveller. They fit perfectly into my life, perhaps because of their easy and simplistic styles. What is a PowerTraveller Discovery and Spider Monkey? Well for starters, they are two different items of gear that look the same but have completely daily tasks.


The PowerTraveller Discovery is a small 3500mAh power bank. It has a smart sophisticated look to it and is again, very easy to use. The inner workings, a USB and Micro USB and its lithium polymer battery are housed in a full aluminium case. On the front you have 6 green LED lights and 1 single button on the side.

When fully charge and turned on the Discovery can power a IPhone twice any other day to day device for that matter. If your device charges off a USB cable, then there is nothing stopping you from using the Discovery when you need it. Anything form a GoPro to an IPod can be charged.

When you purchase a Discovery, you get a whole host of connectors with it to make sure it fits your average device and a number of older phones.

I quite like the look of the Discovery. It’s different from the typical PowerTraveller product. To me it seems aimed at the adventure all dressed up for a big day of planning and meetings.


The SpiderMonkey is also a smart and sleek looking device; it too can charge your favourite devices but is not a power bank. The SpiderMonkey is a power dependable USB hub. When plugged in to a wall socket or a larger more powerful power bank can split the power coming in and share it to 4 USB ports allowing you to charge more devices from one source.

It’s a great piece of tech and can be really handy. While out and about on Holiday, instead of packing a multi-plug with different chargers and all its cables, you just need the SpiderMonkey and the cables for each device. This allows for less nonsense to pack and a simpler, neater looking array of charging devices.

Why review both at the same time? Well, plenty people get the two confused because of the looks. Often people buy the SpiderMonkey hoping it’s a power-bank with multiple USB out.

Although the Discovery and SpiderMonkey look the same, they aren’t, so don’t get confused!

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