Salomon Skin Pro 14+3 review by Dylan Haskin

Looking for the ultimate trail running hydration pack? Take a look at the Salomon Skin Pro 14+3
This pack fits like no other pack has fitted me before. Like the name suggests, it fits like a second skin.
I can’t stand running with a bag that bounces around and throws me off balance and with the Salomon pack I hardly noticed it was there. 

I really loved the harness in the front of the bag. There are two adjustable straps that go across your chest which keep the bag as snug as anything.  The shoulder straps are also adjustable so ensure you get the perfect fit. I was doing handstands and it didn’t budge. 

It takes a 1.5l bladder and has an insulated section where you keep the bladder to keep the cool in and the heat out. There are more than enough pockets to stash chocolates, GPS, and other snacks you might need while on the trail. All of the small pockets are easily accessible while you are wearing it. The back has a larger compartment for your rain jacket and a first aid kit for longer runs. 

It’s small enough to be used for short trail runs, and also has enough space to carry the kit you’ll need on much longer runs too. It is one versatile bag!

To me the only slight downside is the price - but then again with all Salomon gear you get what you pay for and you won’t be disappointed! 

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