Sky Diving for the first time. What You Need To Know.

Sky diving is an experience many people aim to but few actually go through with. The few that do complete the goal of diving, always rave about the once in a lifetime experience.

I myself (or any of my Action Gear peeps) have never skydived but like the many out there, one day is one day. With the help of our friends, I set out to grab as much info about how to gear myself up for dropping from a plane mid-air.

First you we will to find a good sky diving company that is geared at first timers and offers large drop zones and good safety procedures. Companies registered with the Parachute Association of South Africa are good bet.

Commercial Sky dives are usually in tandem with a skilled, trained and experienced skydiver and no first –timer does it alone. So don’t expect to pull off any James Bond style solo runs just yet. In tandem, your instructor/dive master will be the one wearing the parachute and pulling the rope to open it. The parachute is large enough to safety carry two people.

Being in soooo high up in the air, you need to make sure that you have no valuables on you preparing to go up. No phones, wallets, money or rings. You need to allow wear loose fitting clothes that don’t restrict your movement. Your shoes need to be fully attached or else you can expect a shoeless landing for sure. If you wear glasses or contacts be sure to ask for goggles that accommodate your glasses for your jump.  

Be sure you take along a few accessories like a mountable camera, camera head straps or body mounts to capture your breath-taking experience.


On your jump day, the diving school should spend I few hours (sometimes up to half a day) coaching you and showing you a few video of past jumps.

As with many other things, there are some risks involved with skydiving so the dive master will make you are aware of the risks. Although fatality statistics are low, you need to be aware of them. Once a few documents are signed, you’re almost ready to take the plunge.

After last minute check s and instructions have been spoken over, into the plane you go. Planes geared for sky diving can range in size from the size of a compact care to the size of a double garage. They usually take a 15 minute flight to reach top altitude depending on the dive type. At this point your dive instructor will strap your harness onto his and get your ready for the jump. Next…freefall time.

As you drop try and try and catch a glimpse of the plane as it will be the only thing that will give you of a sense of falling. You will actually feel like you’re flying more that falling.

I typical dive last about 40 to 60 seconds so make sure you enjoy each one. After which, the instructor will then deploy the parachute. Expect a sudden jerk with a sudden upward motion. This ride with the parachute normally last 5 to 8 minutes depending on weather or even on the dive instructor’s feeling on the day (oddly enough).

After a while, the ground will appear closer and closer until boom, safe landing. Welcome to the Sky High Club.


Now if you want to move from reading this blog post to getting into the air, Action Gear offers tandem sky dives with qualified trainers and instructors for singles and groups. Contact our super helpful staff for more detailed info at