Sony Releases Debut Action Camera.

Sony is entering the lucrative market of action cameras with their brand model (HDR-AS15/HDR-AS10) in an attempt to grab international market share. With consumers already very familiar with the ever popular GoPro, and similar cams from Drift and Contour, will Sony offer anything different?


 Sony Action Camera front view.

Sony Action Camera rear view.

Well at first glance the Sony action camera is not bad. It offers Full 1080p HD recording at 30 frames per second and 720p and 120 frames per second. It comes with the brilliant Exmor R sensor seen in many of Sony’s handycams, which gives the cam great performance in low light conditions. The cam also has inputs for HDMI, USB and a 3.5mm audio jack that can be closed or plugged in when not in use.  

Two models are set for major release in South Africa, the base and WiFi model. The WiFi version seems like quite an excellent feature as users with be able to use a nifty mobile app for transferring stored footage and changing camera settings.

Design wise, the Sony Action Camera is very lightweight and comes standard with clear waterproof casing. Its tiny size makes it easy to mount just about anywhere. From ski masks to bike handle bars you will be able to place it somewhere. It’s clear that the makers of the Sony Action Camera have made it with attachability in mind due to mount friendly design.


Sony Action Camera without underwater housing.

The front of the cam comes complete with stereo mics just under the impressive Carl Zeiss lens fixed-zoom wide lens.  On the side, an LCD screen and a set of two buttons placed neatly in view. Under the cam are the input ports (USB, HDMI and audio jack) and at the back under the sliding cover is the space for the 1,240 mAh battery included in the box and a slot for MicroSD or Memory Sick Micro Card. Just above that is the stress-free  glove friendly REC button.

Models : HDR-AS15 (WiFi)


Key Specs:

Field of view: 170 or 120 degrees.

Storage: up to 32GB external card.

Frame Rates: 1920 x 1080 @ 30fps; 1280 x 720 @ 120fps/60fps/30fps; 680 x 480 @30fps.

Dimensions:  8.25 x 4.77 x 0.88 cm.

Interface Ports: Micro USb, mini HDMI

Waterproof Depth: (Mfr Rated) 60m

All in all, Sony Action Camera is a good feature packed model for the Sony to start out with but only time will tell if its features with be able to lour customers from the other action camera brands on the market.