Speed flying Lions Head with Stefan Kruger

This video was taken on Sunday the 19th of April, at around 3pm when me and my mate Phillip decided to go see what Lions Head looked like for some speed-flying, when we got there the wind was weak and the potential for flying wasn't really in the air as we mostly rely on the wind, but as you can see on the video, the wind came up with one pull backwards, I turned around and decided to go for it... since there was no wind I really had to run fast to get the wing-load inflated to the maximum as quick as possible, if the wing-load is not 100% the wing could collapse and it would be a total nightmare, especially since i'm running at full speed down a hill.

The moment of flight took place and all the worries in the world disappeared. When you're standing on that edge before you fly, so many things come to mind, like your landing area, is it clear? What's the wind doing? What about the cranes? All these things disappear into the sky, suddenly nothing else matters, just that moment in time, everything becomes silent, even my thoughts. The closer I come to the ground the more obstacles present themselves... and this, this is where the fun begins! Suddenly my mind went from being scared to leap of a mountain to i'm ready to spin and twirl through obstacles! The sheer power you get when you're flying and you are in control, nothing can touch you! Just shows you how fast your mind can change from a No to a YES, and from Fear to Fearless! 

The final approach was intense and fast, and I did over-steer a bit, but I had full confidence in myself and my wing to carry me through to the end. I landed, smiled and pretty much jumped up and down like a little kid in a toy store.

THIS is what it truly feels like to be alive!

Lions Head has been an obstacle for me and my friends since we've started speed-flying, it looks easier than it is. It takes way more guts to fly it than I could ever have imagined, but we did it and it was special. Something to take with me forever. I shot everything using my GoPro Hero4 with the Helmet Mount on 1080P and I must also say, that I'm using the Wasabi Battery pack I bought from Action Gear, without those batteries a lot of my adventures wouldn't be captured!

Video and copy by, Stefan Kruger