Steadycam’s has long been the front runner in camera stabilisation for film and TV. Its industry leading technology was a breakthrough for cameramen the world over.


Now after all the experience it’s gained over the years, they have introduced a handheld device for use with the GoPro Hero and iPhone.  

The Steadicam Smoothee allows you to take steady and smooth video with ease and prevents unwanted bouncing and shakiness. As iPhone users may know, moving around while shooting can be a bit if a jittery nightmare but with the little puppy that’s a thing of the past.

Mounting the GoPro Hero 3 is easy to attach thanks to the supplied bracket what screws into cam’s underwater housing. Standard  in-the-box are mounts for both the iPhone and the GoPro Hero series.

The Smoothee also has added adjustability and allows you to tilt the mounted camera back and forward and left to right using the knobs located on the side and back of the camera.

The small size allows the Smoothee tobe really light. Unlike the bigger rigs, your arm won't feel like it is about to fall off after a few minutes of shooting.

Operation on the Smoothee is possible with one or two hands with your final choice coming purely down to preference and comfort. With two hands, one hand can be placed on the handle and the other on the gimble, which would also allow extra control of camera movements.

Looking at the Smoothee, Steadycam have done a good job of making it really simple to setup and use which allows you to spend less time messing around with it and more time filming. It offers the user great free shake free video that is as good to use for a beginner as it is for a pro.