Taking Your GoPro to the Beach. GoPro Accessories for Water Use.

Many outdoor fanatics can tell you that one of their main reasons for buying their GoPro is it's waterproof shooting capabilities. Nothing beats tagging your GoPro along for trips to the beach. You mount it, then go surfing; then swimming; then beach rugbying; then girlfriend snoging and then end off watching all of that glorious POV footage.

From land to water, it is a lightweight, HD quality shooter that lets you move around hassle-free. Now how can you maximise your cam for use in water?

Here is a list of product geared for water friendly use:

GoPole Bobber.

The Bobber serves to main water uses. It makes you GoPro unsinkable. The 2nd is the ability to float the camera close to a subject and take hands free footage in the water.

Beach Friendly rating: 8.5/10

GoPole Reach.

The Reach gives you extended arm shooting, handling it in one of your hands. It is an extendible pole that mounts your GoPro safely and is 100% waterproof.  Use is to catch a vary of weird and wonderful angles and to stabilise your cam

Beach Friendly rating: 7/10

GoPro Head Strap.

This little item will let you comfortably mount your GoPro on your head. This is perfect for those POV shots that get you right into the action. This technique allows you do freely use your hands for any activity. The head strap is also lightweight so it does not weight your head down, good for movability when surfing.

Beach Friendly rating: 7/10

GoPro Surfboard mounts. (With Quick Release)

Mount your GoPro onto your surfboard with a specially designed surfboard mount. It uses an adhesive base to lock it onto the surfboard and a quick-release function to quickly use your cam in another situation.

Beach Friendly rating: 8/10


Straight out of a 1950s horror movie comes the Octomask. This mask was created to meet the high demand from divers and snorkelers needing a hand free camera diving solution. It is essentially a hi quality dive mask with a fully compatible build in GoPro mask.

Beach Friendly rating: 10/10

Although there are a range of other water-friendly GoPro accessoriesthese are the few that come highly recommended for shooting in water. If any of these beauties tickle your fancy, make sure to check out the Action Gear website to order your very own. Need help with your water accessories? Contact on of our super awesome staff at info@actiongear.co.za. What other accessories do you want to add to our list. Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages.