Tech-Prep and Adventure Hunting

Over the years, the concept of an outdoor adventure has shifted from a nature defying journey of survival to being a more orientated and technology supported expedition on a further and broader horizon. That being said, it needs to be noted that although the presence of tech gear does in fact make life a little simpler, you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that you should be any less prepared. Adventurers come in all shapes, sizes and ages, not really what you would classify as a typical stereotype. What we did though, was take a typical stereotype and throw her into an adventure and see how well she had a grip on her ‘tech-prep’. One thing's for sure, the result we got was quite impressive…

Kodiac Mini

21yr old, Ash, loves a good expedition. Naturally, with every good expedition, a couple of good selfies are mandatory too. Equipped with a GoPro Hero3, a Suunto Ambit3 Sport and a Samsung Galaxy S4, we set Ash free into the Magaliesberg Mountains to see how well she coped after a full day of adventure hunting.

At the crack of dawn Ash set out in search of some of the Magalies’ hidden gems. Not too long after leaving camp, the first testing ground was already uncovered. Perdewater Grotto is just one of the smaller discreet rock pools scattered across the mountain range. The grotto itself is probably no bigger than a small blow-up splash pool, but the beauty of its immersed basin and mossy rock roof was nothing less than breath-taking. Admiration aside and selfies satisfied, it was time to move on to the next hidden mecca.

Kodiac Mini

Heading further into the mountain scene, Baboon Cliffs came cliffs came onto the map. Baboon Cliffs overlooks a fair segment of the Magaliesberg and also serves as the home and breeding grounds to the local primate brood. That being said, not much time was spent at such location and the ‘Trackback’ function on Ash’s Ambit was utilized more than sufficiently.

Back down in the tamer regions, the West Pool Rapids became the playground for the rest of the day. The belt of rapids is made up of fallen boulders segregating the stream into several rock pools and small natural weirs. Unfortunately, the river dries up quite substantially during the winter season and the raging rapids were as powerful as a fully opened kitchen tap.

However, despite our drought dilemma, the circumstances made for ideal Kloofing conditions that took the adventure as far as 3km down river before being cut short by a massive drop off too big to descend.

It was now time to head back to camp and see how well Ash’s ‘tech-prep’ surpassed the outdoor challenge. The main factor to take into consideration was that all the gear Ash had with her was rechargeable tech, all things that work off a USB port and their relevant cable.

With that gear, she was given a backpack with food for the day and left with nothing else other than sunscreen and her own interpretation of ‘tech-prep’.

Kodiac Mini

Ultimately a power source was the main component and because nobody likes carrying around a wind turbine in their back pocket, Ash’s choice of power bank boiled down to Outdoor Tech’s smallest lifesaver, the Kodiak Mini.

So what was it that made this the ultimate choice for an alternative power source?

The Kodiak Mini bares the beneficial trait of being water resistant. Being amongst rock pools and slippery paths, the grotto was no concern for bringing any tech down below.

Along with water resistant, this little lifesaver is also shockproof. Whether it’s exploring the exposed escarpments of Baboon Cliffs or Kloofing through West Pool Rapids, the Kodiak Mini had no need to be treated with delicate hands.

Lightweight hikers and adventurers are limited to how much gear they can carry in their packs, so with the Kodiak Mini only weighing in at a mere 3.104 ounces, you’re more than likely going to be limited by your own fear than an overloaded backpack.

When Ash reached camp, she had to call-in to report that she was back safe and sound. After using the Kodiak Mini to charge the GoPro for selfies, charge her watch to escape out of Baboon Cliffs, the pocket powerhouse still had some juice left in it to make the call-in possible off her cell.

Dirt tracks, rock pools, star laced skies and moonlit hikes are just some of the perks to being an adventure hunting junkie… but we reckon adding a Kodiak Mini to that list may not be the worst decision.

See you in the mountains!

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