Terrifying GoPro fall videos

Sorry for giving it all away in the title! Nothings worse than watching a video expecting that horrifying moment when the fall actually happens, but nothing compares to the adrenaline either. The first video took place on the second pitch of Tidrick's, North Gateway Rock. The climber took a big pendulum fall on the slab and happened to have the GoPro along for the ride. If you're wondering, the camera was mounted with the adhesive mounts included in the box mounted on his helmet - need extra adhesive mounts?


The second video is the worst! A free ride skier loses footing and fall down the rock face. Captured from a first person point view on his GoPro camera. Ignore the dumb "follow up video" links at the end and watch what happens with him after falling that distance.

Accessories available to strap a GoPro to yourself/body

1) Headstrap


2) Chesty


3) Peak Design Capture Clip



4) Wrist Mount



5) Adhesive Mounts


6) Gopole Arm