The 5 best training climbs around Joburg and PTA No. 1

With the biggest cycling event in the world - the Tour de France - now in its final week and some of the most daunting climbs in France staring the riders in the face, we as the Tuks Cycling team thought it a good idea to show our local hero’s the best climbs around the area so that you too can win your early morning race against that ex-pro that’s always showing off.

To start this series of Blog posts we travel to Pretoria and tackle they infamous Rose avenue climb. With an average gradient of 15% and a total distance of 330m this is the perfect climb to practice those full throttle, all out explosive power attacks.

Rose Avenue is the perfect explosive power climb to train on and with a host of flat routes around the area it works perfectly if you want to get a proper warm up done before you start your intervals. The climb is also located in a very safe and quite neighborhood which makes training around the area even better. The street is equipped with street lights but we would not recommend training the climb in pitch black darkness as it’s very steep and has a blind corner about 80m from the top.

The Tuks Cycling Team uses Rose Avenue for explosive power training and we usually try and complete 5 – 7 repeats of the climb. We always have a good warm up ride around the area and make sure that we have already done at least an hour of riding before doing our hill repeats. Once you are sure that you a properly warmed up, attempt to do repeats for as long as you can by starting on the corner of Lawley road and sprinting as hard and fast up the climb as you can. Rose avenue peaks out on 21,5% gradient going around the final corner so make sure you keep the effort going all the way to the top.

Please see below the detailed breakdown of the Rose Avenue climb (map, profile) and our video dairy made during a training session on Rose Avenue.

I trust that you enjoyed our first Blog Post in this series! Please come and have a look at next weeks post. You can also follow the team on social media for updates and pictures

Rose Avenue – Climb breakdown:

  • Maximum Gradient : 21,5%

  • Average gradient : 15%

  • Climb length : 330 meters

  • Surface : Tar with a cement section for the last 80 meters

  • Surface quality : 7/10 Perfectly smooth tar, the cement section is a bit bumpy

  • Lighting : Reasonable

  • Best time to train : First light of day up to 4 pm

  • Overall rating : 8/10

Rose Avenue – Street map

*Blue section is the climb

Rose Avenue – Profile

Rose Avenue - Video Blog

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