The Action Gear Team Takes Gold and Silver

There were celebrations all-round when our very own Warrick and his wife Camilla Kernes of team Action Gear, claimed back to back podium finishes over the past weekend. The pair took 1st place in the Delta Dash Mixed Team category on the 12th of April.

They also gained the help of Action Gear teammate Alasdair Armstrong to take 2nd place at the Kinetic Gear 25KM Adventure Race on the 13th of April.  And what an action packed weekend it was! Not only do we sell the gear but we take the gear to events and races to test it out in order to give you the best advice possible.

The Kinetic Gear Race, which some might argue is the more gruelling of the two races, is an adventure challenge where teams race through a route using a map to locate check points. It combines running, cycling and kayaking events with a tricky obstacle course at the end. Participants can compete in male or female pairs, mixed pairs or school pairs for scholars.

The Action Gear Team previously finished 2nd mixed and 9th overall at the race earlier this year but were disqualified for missing a control point earlier in the race. Being their debut in the race series, they made a fantastic comeback this time round.

Warrick and Camilla at the Kinetic Gear Adventure Race in February 

Warrick and Camilla on the podium at the Kinetic Gear Adventure Race this past weekend

The Delta Dash MTB Endurance, now in its 4th year is a 100% mountain bike race and set on a marked route through the beautiful Delta Park in Randburg. Riders in each category have 6 hours to complete as many 7km laps as they can. Warrick, Camilla and Alasdair claimed their 1st place winning run in an amazing 17 laps, with the 2nd placed team doing a mere 13 laps.

Congrats to the team for their exciting performances in both events. For more on our racing adventures keep checking the Action Gear Blog for updates.

Remember that Action Gear stocks a wide range of mountain biking gadgets and accessories to help you enjoy your race days even more. Why not check out the Cardo BK 1 Communicator, GoPro Hero 3 + Black Edition or the Drift Ghost S. For any advice on mountain bike accessories or gadgets, contact us via email – or telephone – 011 781 1323.