The Brand New GoPro Hero 3 White Edition

For someone new to GoPro cameras or action cameras, the box-fresh GoPro Hero 3 White Edition offers a high quality high definition camera at an affordable price. The wide range and variety of GoPro mounts, accessories and add-ons that have been made available by the company make it a fantastic go anywhere camera.

To go along with their release of the Hero 3 + in the Black and Silver editions, the newly released White Edition camera body remains unchanged design wise. The upgrades that have been included though include the skin-tight dive housing and the boosted battery output.

The underwater housing seen in the H3+ (Hero 3 +) Black and Silver editions makes its way onto the new White. With the new housing the overall weight of the White drops by 15% and is reduced in sized 20 %.  For the drop in size and weight, one has to bear with the 40m maximum

The battery life is now boosted to thanks to the updated firmware and now gets an extra 25 % of use out of the White Edition.

Key Features:

HD 1080p Capture.

The White gives the user the ability to shoot full High Definition video at the standard 30 frames per second. Picture quality can also be set desired options including 960p (30fps) and 720p (60fps).  

5MP still images

Shoot still images just as ely as you shoot video clips with the White Editions adiluity to capture pictures as a simple standalone snapshot option or snapshots while recording video.

Time Lapse mode

Capture stunning time-lapse images of scenery or rushes of people or…whatever needs real time, accurate time-lapse imaging.

Time Lapse mode lets you capture a series of photos at 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 second intervals.

Wi-Fi connectivity (including connection to the GoPro Wi-Fi Remote and GoPro Mobile App)

This baby has the ability to be connected to the GoPro remote that allows for stop/start and on and off capabilities. The GoPro Mobile App in turn allows for real time viewing of the White Edition’s view with added setting adjustments.

Advanced audio recording with wind reduction technology.

The audio on the camera has been individually improved to capture good quality audio recording at soft low and sharp high frequency and high.

While fanatics are going b berserk over the new Hero 3 + Black Edition, the White addition offers an opportunity for the new GoPro enthusiasts to get a foot in the door of the GoPro world.

Look out for the White Edition available at Action Gear in the coming year.