The DJI Osmo and why should you get one

DJI Osmo

The DJI OSMO is one of DJI's latest products they launched in the fourth quarter of 2015. It’s a hand-held device that stabilises video footage it records to create a cinematic visual experience. It’s easy to set up and get going with the OSMO, it uses your smartphone as a viewfinder and has it’s own built-in 4K camera.

What makes it great
  • It has a 4K camera, so although most of our televisions don’t play 4K yet, your footage is future proof.
  • The camera can be upgraded to the DJI X5 camera used on the Inspire 1 Pro, which allows you to choose apertures and opens up the capability to use interchangeable lenses. 
  • It’s a fraction of the cost of large-scale image stabilisers on the market.
  • It uses the gymbal technology made by DJI, the largest Drone manufacturer in the world, so you’re getting the best there is.
  • It uses the same DJI Go app for Apple or android you would use to fly your drone.
  • Many new accessories that have been added are now available in South Africa. This includes lights, extension poles, bike mounts and car mounts to name a few.
  • It packs up very small and is very portable for a stabilised camera shooting 4K.

It has a battery that lasts 60 minutes.
The camera has a f2.1 32mm lens that shoots a wide angle with almost no distortion like you would find on some action cameras.
External sound can be used with the OSMO, so you can plug in professional sound recorders and capture  high-value professional production quality work.
What needs to be improved on?
Shooting in low-light conditions have noticeable noise. They have recently released external lights that can be mounted on the handle so this problem has been mitigated.
If you’re going out shooting, 60 minutes battery life is not enough if it’s the only tool for capturing so you’ll need to get some spare batteries if that’s your aim. If it’s used for scenes that need the stabilisation it’ll do the job perfectly.

Who would use it?
If you’re a vlogger, product reviewer, adventurer or film producer on a budget you will hugely benefit from using the OSMO. The tech is new though, so all the uses for it can’t quite be grasped just yet. I believe there are many more uses in the near future, so I’ll say if you’re planning on shooting any video to show anyone, this device is a must-have.

Why not get another Hand-Held Gymbal?
You can get other hand-held gymbals. You can get ones for your smartphone, of which some also shoot 4K, or you can get one for a GoPro This can work if you already have a Gopro or if you just want to shoot some stabilised footage on your phone to show your friends. 

The OSMO differs at a couple of things though. You can change the camera and lens, so as technology improves, so can the device’s use. It has many features that a phone camera and Gopro do not have. It has a selfie-mode, but it also has a ‘drag-on-screen’ function to direct the camera in a smooth way. You can physically move the camera in the direction you want it, and it will take it from there. You can lock the camera onto a scene and move around while the camera sticks to the scene it is locked on to which is great for panning around. Your Smartphone becomes a viewfinder so you have a nice large display of your shot. 

I highly recommend it.