The future is now

If I had told you 10 years ago to Imagine living in a futuristic movie where you could travel in self-controlled flying cars, print your own creative physical products, and are able dive into the virtual world, and interact with other virtual objects. You would just say, yeah that’s just a futuristic movie. Well we are not too far away from stepping into the future.

According to Moore’s Law, it is said that the processing power in our computing technology is destined to double every two years. The trend was first recognized in 1965, and we can definitely see how far we have come and how fast we have gotten here with all of the high-concept gadgets and gizmos of today. These innovations have revolutionised the way we live and work. We have only gotten started, technology will only get better.

Watch this great video utilizing 24 autonomous drones that fly close to and around a person like a flock of trained birds.  ” the goal is to create an intimate and artistic interaction between man and machine.”

What technology do you think we will have by 2025, leave your comment below?