The GoPro Mobile App

The GoPro mobile application is must for any serious GoPro user. The app offers very special features that help bring the ultimate out of the GoPro camera range, using any Wi-Fi enabled device.

The 1st major feature that may catch your attention is the ability to remote control your GoPro as with standard remote Wi-Fi remote but with the app’s included ability to actually see what the camera sees. This is perfect for getting your shot framing just that much more perfect. This feature also allows you to stop and start recording, change modes, check battery levels and gives great control when your GoPro is out of reach.

Any photos or videos captured on the camera can be viewed on the app quickly and with little effort, freeing up space for more extreme moments to capture.

Sharing becomes a breeze on your device. Pictures or video can easily be shared via Instagram, Facebook, email or sms, giving you a great way to quickly share your moments with anyone, worldwide.

A one thing to remember though is that, the app is only compatible with the HERO3 and HD HERO2 versions and is compatible with Windows phone, iOS and Android devices with Blackberry OS yet to be rolled out.

Key Features

  • Video Playback.
  • Image viewing.
  • Instant share to Facebook, Instagram, Email, or other app sharing platforms.
  • Access to stores pictures and video on the GoPro’s memory card.
  • Remote control ability.
  • Works on the GoPro HERO3 and HD HERO2.




Windows Phone

Latest version as of 16 August 2013: V2.0.94

For the latest GoPro app, visit the GoPro website.



The GoPro Mobile App


*Compatibility varies by device. Content playback, sharing and access to the camera's memory card is not available on Windows Phone.

*Requires latest software to be installed on the GoPro.