The Jetovator – The Ultimate Water Sport Thrill Ride.

Nothing gets more exciting than being lifted 8 metres into the air above a clear blue sea being stunned by the beautiful ocean below you and the sky above you.

The Jetovator offers breath-taking rides that few water sports accessories can offer.

It works by using external power from a high power personal watercraft (PWC), like a Jet Ski or super charged water scooter. It makes use of a 12 metre hose that connects to the PWC and redirects water thrust, propelling the Jetovator in the air. Two external nozzels on the sides of the Jetovator help control thrust to quickly change direction when need.

Using the Jetovator is like having a bike, a jet ski and a mini helicopter all in one.  Scary at first, the Jetovator is quality tested and made for specificaly consumer use.

Two people are required to operate the Jetvator. A rider, who controls the Jetovator and an operator to man the PWC.  The PWC will control trust and overall power directed to the Jetovator while the rider gets to control ride height, speed and direction.

As scary looking at the ride may look, The Jetovator is relatively easy to learn with a bit of practice. Within the Jetovator set is a training platform that will have you doing flips and barrel rolls in no time. On average, a user takes approximately 20 minutes to completely learn how to use the Jetovator.

The Jetovator is one water toy that will give you a unique thrill ride. With rising and diving capabilities and a max speed of 40KM/H, this one defiantly one to add to your xmas wishlist.


Included in the set:

  • All aluminium tubular frame with 1 fixed and 2 vectored nozzles.
  • Fiberglass body. (Provides Vehicle floatation).
  • Vinyl padded seat, knee pads and face shield.
  • PWC Jet Utit Adaptor and Hose Mount connectable with SeaDoo, Yamaha and Kawasaki.
  • 12 metre foot long, 10 inch wide hose.
  • Installation and Instruction Manual.

The Jetovator can be backordered from Action Gear at the RRP of R90 000.

For more info on the Jetovator contact Action Gear: or 011 781 1323.