The new Hero4 firmware is going to rock your world

The perks behind getting the new Hero 4 has just gotten a lot cooler! GoPro has recently announced it will launch a firmware update that will enhance your Hero 4 camera capabilities. The camera will get a new time-lapse mode that will snap still photos continuously over a period of time and then combine the stills into a single video in camera. There’s already a time-lapse mode in the existing firmware, but users currently need to turn the sequence of images into a video themselves using GoPro’s desktop software. Imagine how much easier your life would be!


Another cool feature that will appear in both cameras is auto-rotation. The camera will detect the orientation of your camera and automatically rotate your resulting photos/videos to the correct orientation (e.g. wear your camera upside down and capture video that’s right-side up).

With the Hero 4 Black edition you will have an extra cool feature that will enable you to capture 720p at 240fps for those crazy slow motion shots, and 2.7K video will also have a higher frame rate of 60fps.


The new firmware update is said to become available early in 2015! We just can’t wait!