The new Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch

Is it a phone? Is it a watch? Hybrid? Well Samsung’s watch come mobile phone, The Galaxy Gear kinda does both.

Revealed at the exclusive event in Berlin, it will mark Samsung’s first entry into the world of smart watches. Now what makes this hyped up product so wow?

Firstly let’s start off correctly. The Galaxy Gear is not a phone, well not in the normal sense of the word.  It relies on Bluetooth in order to connect to your smart phone in order to make use of the bulk of its features. 

The built in speaker makes it possible to communicate over the phone through the mic and speaker system.  Amazingly however, the speaker does not let you play any music…strange.

It makes use of the now famous ‘Samsung Super AMOLED’ display with 320 x 320 resolution.

Design wise it is small and compact in size and from far might look like a typical digital watch. It has a brushed metal casing connected to a rubber gripped adjustable wrist band. People looking for a little colour will be glad to know that he Galaxy Gear will be available in six colour-ways.

Samsung has promised the availability of over 70 apps ready-made for the Gear and pre-installed apps like a pedometer and Galaxy locator.

It additionally comes with a nifty 1.9 megapixel camera that takes still images and stores then on the on-board 4GB memory.  

Set for worldwide release at the end of September, the Galaxy Gear will have to face competition from the Pepple and the Sony Smartwatch. 


Key Features:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.
  • Android 4.3.
  • 4GB Memory.
  • NFC Communication.
  • 2.5 inch Super AMOLED Screen.
  • 1GB RAM.
  • 315mAh rechargeable battery.
  • 800MHz Exynos Processor.