The Panasonic HX A500 4K 25fps Action Camera (A World First)

Panasonic recently announced their 4K resolution wearable action camera. Capable of shooting 4K at 25 fps, the HX A500 is unique in design and uses a clip on mechanism for attachment onto loose clothing or onto your head via an included head strap mount.

 “We’ve seen the action camcorder market grow year on year as people look to share their activities and capture the action in the best picture quality possible.  4K is the next step in video capture and when combined with the ability to use a point of view camcorder we begin to push the boundaries of videography.  The HX-A500 has the benefit of a lightweight lens piece, just 31g, which means using it becomes unobtrusive and it adds no significant bulk or weight to the user.  This is a key point when you consider that an action camcorder will be used during an activity, such as ski-ing or sailing, so the less weight, or size, the better the experience.  The HX-A500 ensures the user takes unique and personal footage in the best quality possible.” - Matt Evans, Camcorder Product Manager

With the plethora of action cameras on the market, Panasonic have seemingly created a completely new type of design and form factor. The camera comes in two pieces, the camera and a separate, detachable LCD screen and thus weight less than 150g combined. The 1.5 inch sized LCD screen is also mountable and can be attach onto any point of the body via an adjustable Velcro strap. The LCD screen can be considered the brain of the A500 as the majority of the camera’s controls are accessed from it. Users can access the live view feature of the cam for framing or video playback. Panasonic have also added a digital level metre onto the LCD screen to help reduce unwanted tilting or angles.

The camera is waterproof to a depth of 3m with an additional underwater housing soon to be made available. As far as video capture goes, the A500 is capable of shooting 4k resolution at 25fps, 1080p at 50fps and 720p at 100fps. The 4K recording feature will surely set an action cam trend worldwide as demand for the feature increases. GoPro’s Hero 3 and Hero 3+ plus cameras have had a 4K res feature for some time now but will the ability to record at 15fps.

This new release from Panasonic offers consumers a fresh, new and unique choice in an already over flooded action camera market.

The Panasonic A500 goes on sale in Europe in May 2014.