The Phantom 2

The 2nd new version of the ever-popular Phantom quadcopter has been given a new look and performance level to his predecessor. With a clear focus on ariel filming, this version is aimed at those looking to take advantage of their Phantom to achieve stunning ariel views.

An advantage that the Phantom had over other ariel drones was its ease of flying and newbie- friendly build. The Phantom 2 makes use of the same system along with a new wireless, real time live-view and flight control system. This new control and view system allows you to see what your attached camera sees, with the added option of controlling the quadcopter once in the air. Users make use of control and live view features by download DJI’s fairly user friendly smartphone app for iOS devices.

The main feature that professional shooter’s will enjoy is the Phantom 2’s build H3 D2 Zenmuse gimbal. The gimbal allows your added camera to stay stable and unrestricted, while allowing full motion control of the camera. Motion control is made possible by the upgrade to the Phantom’s remote control which now includes a pitch control of the gimbal.

The new battery port system is now more user friendly which simply slides in and out of the drone and includes a battery power meter.


New Features of the Phantom 2

25 mins flight time

Real time touch controls on iOS devices

H3 2D Gimbal

Video Downlink support

CAN Bus Expansion Module

Micro USB Port

5200 mAh intelligent battery with new slot-in battery system.

Overall the Phantom 2 is step up from the original with clever new features that make the quadcopter that much more user friendly. A good option for filmmakers, videographers and production crews.