The Power of Dash Cams.

The use of dashboard cameras has become increasingly popular in the last few years, There plug in and record functionality have made them popular the world over. Everybody from trucking companies, police forces to the ordinary driver, have all chosen to equip their vehicles with one of these little babies. The popular trend in countries like America and Russia is now beginning to trickling down to our shores.

Having a dash cam for your car offers a few advantages and disadvantages.

A dash board camera (also known as a dash cam) offers a vehicle driver hands free use of the camera that requires little maintenance and setup. Dash cams can be set to automatically turn on once the car’s engine is switch on. No switching it on manually. Their looping video functionality means a dash cam can automatically record over the oldest recorded files when the camera’s reaches full capacity. They are built tough and can with stand extremely hot or cold conditions and hard knock or drops. Clearly a little form and design ingeniously taken from aeroplane black box technology. Video quality on dash cams is fast improving, with premium models offering Full 1080p HD video capture and higher audio quality recording .

The disadvantages to exist though. The fact that a dashboard camera is recording all the time raises a few questions about invasion of privacy. Recording footage of people or conversations may be deemed as breaking the law. Depending on the circumstances, the driver/owner may be liable to invasion of privacy charges. Scary.

Dash cams can be great tools to use for the everyday driver. Video footage caught from police dash cams has made evidence gathering for law enforcement just a little bit better. For ordinary everyday drivers, dash cams can help with capturing accident scenes for law trials, insurance premium reductions, or for personal safety.



Thanks to dash cam footage, police were able to see exactly how events transpired in the Pinetown accident on the M13 highway. Captured by Rock Solid Company employee, the short clip shows just show dash cams can be highly important.