The Scala Rider Range and its many (many) uses

Scala Rider communicators by Cardo have offered endless access to group communication for bikers all over the world.  From long distance road trips to weekend mountain bike races, the Scala Riders range has keep its users in range via a simple to use helmet intercom system.  Press one button (or even use the almost magical voice activation system) and you can instantly link to another user of the headset.

Here at Action Gear, we receive a lot of enquiries as to ‘other’ uses for the innovative bike to bike intercom. There are a few clever ways in which a Scala Rider can add more value to your fun or work time. Here are just a few suggestions.

Team Paintball

Strategic paintball has been a popular weekend hobby for years and with competitive battles being held around a regular calendar year, groups get increasingly skilful in their quest to paintball dominance. Having a few Scala Riders Q3’s on your team will give you an added advantage with 4 users being able to communicate at a time. Does your strategy involve a complicated position pattern with the need for space? The Q3 offers range within a 1km radius, remaining fully connected.  The headset itself sits nicely onto your paintball helmet, clipping on securely. The side buttons are a large enough to be glove friendly so no extra time is wasted pulling your glove on and off.

TV Production

Communication between crew members on a film or TV set can become a bothersome task, especially for very large set with various crew members. A sophisticated way to use the Scala Rider range is to hand a few of these to key members of a production unit. Each group head can simultaneously communicate with a floor manager or director for quick replay of instructions. This will enable production messages to get to their intended receiver much faster, saving time, saving money.


Motorsport Training/Testing.

At track days at local race tracks, team managers or engineers/mechanics may want to communicate with a test car driver to receive real time driving dynamic or ‘car feel’ information..
If the track that your racing on is within range of a seating or team area, why not use A G9 model helmet comm, as an effective communication method. If a driver has a problem with the engine or requires a tires change during a practice session, he can quickly relay that message on to the team head.

Light Flying

If you’re a flyer of a small two seater aviation vehicle like a micro-flyer, the Scala Rider Q3 with keep you in touch with your passenger. For solo flights, the Q3 has a build in FM radio for added entertainment.

More and more people are finding creative ways to use these communicators outside or there intended use, for both work and play so our Action Gear selection is only scratching the surface. The easiest way to find out exactly what a Cardo product can do for you is to have one in your hands. Why not pay us a visit at our Randburg store to get your hands on one of demo models and free Q & A session with one of our skilled sales dealers in store.