Toshiba Unveils the Camileo X SportCam.

Toshiba have unveiled their latest soldier in the battle of the action cameras with the Camileo X Sportcam.The strike out feature of the Camileo X is it's striking resemblance to the GoPro Hero. A look which might confuse the newbie action camera user. Similarities aside, the camera does have some stand out features, with Full HD 1080 video capture at 60fps and a built in preview display for live view recording being a few of them.

Many of the key features available on other major action camera brands have made their way onto the Camileo X, which will clearly puts it in the premium range camera category. Its lens is set a 12 MP and offers an ultra-wide angle view. So far so good, what else does it have you might ask?


It makes use of innovative function (similar to the Hero3), which allows you to remote control your cam from a handy wrist strap and lets you control recording functionality, without having to even touch your mounted Camileo X. WiFi connectivity also gets a run on the Camileo, which lets you use Toshiba's Camileo X app for live view, preview and playback video fuctionality.

Battery life (which is a deciding feature for a purchace or a skip for many buyers), is said to last 1.5 hours when shooting at 60 frames per second and 2 hours at 30.

Photo functionality is made a main feature with the Camileo X having photo burst and timelapse features.

Toshiba have said they intend on making an impact on the action camera market. The clear aim for Toshiba here seems to be to take on GoPro by offering consumers excellent video quality, battery life and a large amount of mounts standard with the purchase of The Camileo X Sportscam.

The retail package will come bundled standerd with a waterproof casing, wristband remote control, as well as several mounts. A move that will certainly please a lot of oncoming customers.

The Toshiba Camileo X Sportcam is a great feature packed action camera that should tackle GoPro head on.

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