Tuks Cycling Team, 2015 USSA National Student Cycle tour

Welcome to our very first Blog post for Action Gear. We are the riders from the University of Pretoria cycling team (Tuks Cycling) and we would like to invite you to join us on a journey behind the scenes of the 2015 USSA South African Student cycling championships. The journey will take you behind the scenes and showcase exactly the amount effort and work that goes into running a successful cycling team.

To give a brief background, the USSA National Student Cycling Championships is an event held each year by the University Sports South Africa federation and aims to bring racing on the top level to University students across South Africa. Each year a different University gets to host the event. The event attracts the top cyclists from all of our countries top Universities and the racing is always red hot. Universities present at the 2015 USSA National Cycling Championship included:

  • University of Pretoria

  • University of Cape Town

  • University of Johannesburg

  • University of Stellenbosch

  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

  • Varsity College

  • North West University

Tuks Cycling traveled down to Stellenbosch with high hopes after being crowned South African Student Champions the past 2 years (2013 and 2014). I trust you will enjoy our videos.

Day 1: Short road stage and Individual Time Trail



Day 1 consisted of 2 stages, a short road stage in the morning and an Individual Time Trial, in the afternoon. The road stage took place in Wellington and promised some great racing in one of our countries most scenic venues. Unfortunately due to racing rules enforced by the Chief Racing Referee no GoPro’s were allowed on the bicycles of the riders. The DS Tri Suction cup proved to be a great asset in our times of need as we could securely mount our GoPro on the outside of the car. We used a normal suction cup for inside the car. Tuks Cycling had a very good first day and managed to secure 2 riders in the top 10 overall. The ladies team won stage 1 in fine fashion.

Equipment used:

Day 2: Long road stage



The second day of our USSA Championships consisted of a long road stage (116km for the men and 82km for the ladies). Wellington was once again the hosts of the stage and with sunshine and a slight breeze the riders set out to contest the days stage. Tuks Cycling showcased great class and talent in both the men and ladies race and managed to animate the race with great effect. Tuks Cycling managed to secure another host of top 10 finished on the second day of racing. The video gives great insight into racing from the perspective out the team vehicles who follow the riders. Kevin Patten, mechanic and pro rider himself, gives a bit of insight into what riders eat during a race. Nutrition is a very important factor for any endurance athlete and when it comes to Tuks Cycling we only use the best. Our supplements can be found at any Dischem pharmacy or alternatively you can view their website: www.biogen.co.za

Le Coq Sportif made sure that our riders were kept warm with their new range of racing gloves and caps. Being one of the official clothing sponsors for the Tour de France, our riders certainly felt inspired to race in Le Coq Sportif wear. 

Equipment used:

Day 3: Criterium race and Hill Climb



The final day of the 2015 USSA National Student Championships saw some great racing once again. With an unassailable lead in the ladies race, the Tuks Cycling Ladies went out to defend the pink jersey. The criterium race which consists of lap racing (similar to the format used in Europe) made for very entertaining racing. The mens race consisted of 60 minutes racing around the 1.7km circuit while the ladies had to race 45 minutes around the same 1.7km circuit. The riders once again animated the race and made sure that the pace was kept high at all times! The ladies team won the overall pink jersey classification as well as the green and polka dot classification.

Equipment used:

Thank you very much for taking the time to read our blog post. We trust that you enjoyed our videos and we would like to encourage you to share you action videos with the community. Please follow our journey with Action Gear by looking out for our next set of Blog Posts in which we showcase our 5 best climbing spots around Johannesburg and Pretoria to get that all important hill training in before your next event. Please feel free to head over to our website www.tukscycling.com for more videos and information regarding the University of Pretoria Cycling Club.

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