Terence 'ActionMan' Vrugtman reviews the Turtle Shell 2.0

We have been working with Terence 'ActionMan' Vrugtman for a little while, an extremely passionate guy, who just loves getting out there and getting involved. This week's review comes from Terence, and we think you'll like what he has to say - Action Gear Team

Ever since I can remember, I‘ve been a bit of a nerd when it came to technology. Only as Adventure Life has grown, have I've become fonder of outdoor technology… The pun in the last sentence allows me to introduce a new brand I will be testing in the future – Outdoor Tech.

So… here is the first of many Outdoor Tech reviews.


Turtle Shell 2.0

The Turtle Shell 2.0 (TS) is a small, portable wireless/Bluetooth, rugged speaker for adventurers and sportspersons alike. It’s a Shweet device that connects to your phone in an instant and plays whatever you send its way…” louder than a bear” as the packaging says … I’ve never heard a bear roar…

The first Turtle Shell was part of a Kick Starter campaign that easily reached its goal. Just goes to prove that there is demand for product like this.

The Box

The product arrives in a bold, striking box with magnets that hold an information flap in place. It’s a well presented product which to me says, “ I am in for a load of fun with a good quality product.”  It gives you an idea of what the Turtle Shell can handle and also give hints to some support technology that will work well with the Turtle Shell. One of the support products is a ‘Bear Claw’. The Bear Claw screws into the Turtle Shell and then clips to a bike frame or anything similar – Rad!




I've used some Bluetooth speakers before, I've even had some of my scouts come up to me and try and show them off. When they do, it always ends in, “it worked a minute ago”. When connecting the TS (Turtle Shell) it literally connects in 5 seconds.

Once open, Prep your phone for Bluetooth connectivity, turn on the TS, hold in the yeti button and then accept the connection pop up on your phone. It works like a dream!

Using the TS

It’s a really simple product to use. Once paired with your device, it will connect whenever turned on and it has buttons that you can use to remotely change the song or turn up the volume.

As far as volume goes, it’s loud, really loud! In fact, my friend mistook it for our surround sound system in our games room. The sound quality is incredible, to date I haven’t heard any distortion coming from the speaker, even while playing at full blast.

I think the best thing about the TS is the battery life. On the box it boasts a massive 16hrs of play back! Once I charged up the TS I thought about timing the length playback but it just went on for ever and ever even my bro walked in and turned it down because it was too loud… and the next day… on and on. The battery life is unbelievable!

The box also says the product is water resistant and ‘generally any other liquid proof’. I don’t believe in ‘water proof’ and so, I haven’t completely submerged the product. I have used it in the shower, under the sprinkler and left on a table with spilt drinks – No problem! Additional to being water resistant and ‘generally any other liquid proof’ it is also dust resistant.

Apparently, the connectivity is strong - up to 32 feet or roughly 10 meters. I thought this was a little farfetched and tested it. It seems to be right! It does struggle to play the music at 10 meters… but has solid connection just short of that.

Additional Pros:

Sticky feet which stop it from slipping on surfaces.

Rubbery feel which makes you a little more confident in its abilities.

Awesome colour range!



I don’t like the feel of the buttons, They feel loose and non responsive.



Simply put, it’s the type of device you can turn on, drop on the floor and set up camp to some sick tunes. You can drop it in your day bag, head to the local crack and get some solid climbing in without having to worry about what will happen to the speaker. It’s a really care free type of entertainment, something I'm a real fan of while out and about in the mountains. 

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Photo credit - Terence ' ActionMan' Vrugtman


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