Victoria West Timelapse 720 HD

"Victoria West is a small town in the Karoo surrounded with lots of farms, warm sunlight and not much rain. I left the diving industry about 8 months ago when I'd already bought the GoPro. With not much to do in this small town I started hiking and mountain biking looking for places I can shoot some footage with my GoPro. The best I could find is the morning sunrise, clouds and rain which turned into a beautiful video. I hope to inspire young people to get of their bum and experience what's outside. There's beauty in everything, you just have to look hard enough."
I'm a 21 year old nature lover. My heart lies in the ocean, but everything about mother nature inspires me. I found Action Gear about a month ago, they have become my one stop retailer to get the most out of all my outdoor experiences.
I used the Gopro Hero 3+ Black Edition in all the videos with the GoPro flat mounts and waterproof casing.
Timelapse videos take a long time to shoot so I also had the GoPro Battery Bacpac connected. That's pretty much the accessories I have at the moment (these will be growing soon), so where needed I used rocks and ropes during the storm clip to keep the GoPro steady. 
I would advise anyone who wants to buy a GoPro to get the new Hero 4 cameras. The features are unbelievable. If it's too expensive I'd recommend any GoPro with the Protune feature. Protune has put the GoPro in a whole new level."
Copy and video by - Douw-Steyn Lessing, follow him on - Instagram:@dsteynl
The Team at Action Gear really enjoyed Douw-Steyn Lessings passion for the areas around him, and look forward to sharing more of his video and writing! 

Douw-Steyn Lessing