[Video] GoPro Hero 3+ Review

Our newest video series has been released. In this week’s series, our tech expert David Davies takes a look at the new GoPro Hero 3 + Black Edition.  In this 3 part video series, David firstly gives a review and introduction to the Hero 3 + Black. He touches on the design, technical specs and key differences compared to the original GoPro Hero 3.

In the second video, he does a complete unboxing of the camera’s contents, explaining each item contained in the pack.

In the third video, David explains how to turn on and use the camera. He also shares a few tips on operation and finally goes though some of the menu options.

Remember that Action Gear stock the Hero 3 Black Edition, as well as a host of accessories including the GoPro Chesty, Jaws Flex Clamp, GoPole Reach and the Evo. To browse through our extensive GoPro range, visit www.actiongear.co.za or contact us on 011 781 1323/sales@actiongear.co.za.