Virtual Reality through the Oculus Rift

As the years go by, the world sees more and more unique and slightly strange inventions as time progresses. One of these innovative inventions is the Oculus Rift. 

The Oculus Rift is built around the concept of virtual reality. Virtual Reality s (VR) revolves around the concept of being able to use a set of specially made googles that create a feeling of being immersed into a completely different, unique world. Users have the ability to virtually ‘look around’ and touch the environment around them.

The Oculus Rift itself is set to take the gaming world by storm with developers aiming to create connectivity to future game title such us Doom4 and Strike Suit Zero.

What is the Oculus Rift?


The Rift is a head mounted display system that offers a 110 degree wide and 90 degree high field of view. This FOV specs completely cover the wearer’s natural field of view blocking out any real world vision. The device’s Adjacent Reality Tracker, detects where the user is facing with reference e to the screen. The Adjacent RT also compensates for any quick changes in direction of view without lag or motion blur.

Oculus VR, the company behind the device, have made a development kit available for software and game developers. The kit contains, the device itself and an added set of codes, samples and documentation to assist developers in integrating the Oculus Rift’s functionality within future game titles.
Although wide mass production of the consumer level has yet to be rolled out, founders Palmer Lucky has set a late 2014/early 2015 period for release.


Recently, the England National Rugby team created a similar VR experience using nine GoPro Hero 3 cameras. Watching the video makes you feel at thought you are right in the action without even having to get up out of your chair. Check it out below.