Wasabi VS GoPro Battery

Whenever generic GoPro accessories come onto the market, Action Gear is usually one of the first companies to enquire and test it. Every once in a while we find a fantastic product that works just as well as a GoPro branded one. A ton of 3rd party companies regularly vie for a share of GoPro’s ever-developing customer base, with products that vary in quality. Some products perform extraordinarily well both sales and quality wise while others simply fail in comparison to original GoPro items.

So in our regular product discovery missions, the Wasabi brand batteries came under investigation. From an overview point the Wasabi Hero 3 battery has a 1200 mAh power storage capacity, compared to 1050 of the GoPro Hero 3s battery. Both are on 3.7 voltage. Appearance wise, both are identical in terms of size and shape, with the Wasabi making use of a black, green and white colour scheme.


Stats noted, we decided to give them a performance test to discover how each would do it real world conditions.

First up was the GoPro Hero 3 Battery inside of a Hero 3 + Black Edition camera. Set to 1080p at 24 fps, we let the cam record for as long as it could. All in all, the camera lasted for 1 hour 45 minutes.

Next, we popped in the Wasabi battery into the cam on the same settings and let it record. After 1 hour 39 minutes the battery had ran out.

After our carful little performance test, we came to the conclusion that despite the Wasabi having a claimed 1200 mAh storage capacity, the GoPro outlasted its rival. Not a major difference in time but a difference none the less.  GoPro does it again.

Looking at each battery, both are capable of good performance and battery life. When testing your own camera and battery in real life, remember that battery life also dependant on points such as Wi-Fi use, how many times the camera is switched on and off, use of an LCD screen or camera video settings.

Here at Action Gear we retail both of these batteries as well as the GoPro battery BacPac and a range of GoPro chargers. Give a call on 011 781 1323 or visit www.actiongear.co.za for more info on our range of GoPro products.