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Our very own David Davies is a regular on 'The Bike Show', showing the latest news on what motorcyclists want to know and the best tech to make thier lives easier and safer. In their upcoming episode, David asked 'What motorbike was reviewed in the episode?'. We're giving a SLX Extreme iPhone case to one lucky customer, for simply heading to this page and then e-mailing your answer and contact details to The episode will be airing from the 18 July on Ignition, channel 189. The times will be as follows, so get involved and live the adventure.
Saturday 11:30 | Sunday 17:30 | Monday 14:30 | Tuesday 00:30 | Wednesday 04:30 | Thursday 20:30 | Friday 08:30 and 17:30

Step 1 - Watch The Bike Show
Step 2 - Find our what bike was reviewed in the episode
Step 3 - E-mail your answer to
Step 4 - Stand a chance to win an SLX Extreme iPhone case, from Action Gear

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