What is AkkuFresh and is it legit?

"So all you need to do is stick this little sticker onto your phone battery or any other battery and you'll get 40% extra battery life and a quicker recharge time". Sounds too good to be true - especially as it is only 149 bucks. How legit can it really be? 

When we had the guys from AkkuFresh come through to our offices to demonstrate the Akkufresh nanotech sticker to us we were skeptical to say the least but they very quickly offered to give us a couple of samples to test out. Well, after less then a week (6 recharges of my iPhone 4 battery) and I was running at about 30 to 35% longer battery life. I checked with my colleagues and their phones (varying models) were all also performing much better than before. Needless to say we ordered in a stack load of them. 

How it work we don't really know but there is a stack of scientific jargon which you can read about on the Akkufresh page. We also made sure that all this nano technology stuff is safe for us to use - sometimes we're wary of brand new technology but it passed all those checks too. 

The usage of AkkuFresh isn't just limited to phones but it can be used on any battery. It can work with just about any battery but it is recommended that the AkkuFresh sticker covers at least 80% of the battery size so for a laptop battery for example you would need to get a few of the stickers to cover it. If the battery is smaller like a lot of our electronics tend to have then you can easily and safely just cut the sticker in half.