Which GoPro accessories do I need?

Buying your first GoPro camera is almost as exciting as buying your 1st car or buying your first house. A thrilling bit of excitement, after a bit of anticipation. Often though, people are overwhelmed by the amount of accessories and mounts available for the camera. It is after all the world’s most versatile camera. From suction mounts to clamp mounts to skeleton housings, the range is quite wide and can lead to a bit or confusion.

Although the GoPro accessories range is quite large, many of these items can always be placed within certain categories. The first and most simple category is the Essential Items list. Under Essential Items are the most commonly used accessories. These include the GoPro Suction Cup Mount; Head Strap and Chesty (Chest Harness). These specialist mounts give a GoPro user a few mounting options while adding versatility to setup and framing options. The Chesty will give you hands-free, low angle shot options, while the head strap will give you a higher level point of view shot. The Suction cup mount allows for the most versatility and allows for GoPro mounting on any hard flat or slightly curved surface.

The next grouping category is activity grouping. This is where accessories are grouped according to the sport or activity a user does. These can be grouped within water sports, motorcycling/cycling, outdoors and diving.

Here are a few accessories grouped under each.

Water sports: GoPro Floaty, Surf Mount.

Diving: GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts, Dive Filters, Wrist Housing, Octomask.

Outdoor:  GoPro Jaws Clamp. Action Tip: A Solar Monkey Adventurer solar charger makes for good emergency power backup)

Motorcycling/cycling: GoPro Suction Mount, Helmet Front Mount, Vented Helmet StrapHandle Bar mount, Roll Bar mount.


The next category is the Premium Accessories list. Items in this category include electronic devices that link or attach onto the camera. E.g. GoPro LCD Touch BacPac; Battery BacPac or WiFi BacPac.

Action Tip: The Touch BacPac will give you an added option of being able frame shots via its integrated viewfinder.

Next is the Style category. Products in this group include a few items to set your GoPro apart from others. A silicone camera cover from XSories, offers multiple bright colour options with added protection against the camera wear and tear.

The last and often overlooked category is the Power and Charging category. These include batteries and chargers. GoPro currently offers a USB cable within the box for camera charging. A good add-on but if faster and more convenient charging is what you’re looking for, then a GoPro Wall Charger, Car Charger or Dual Battery Charger may be an option. For a both direct and on-the-move charging the GoPro Wall & Car Charger is a good choice.

And there we have it, a list of categories that will help guide your choice of GoPro accessory. Remember that Action Gear stocks all of these products and more. Contact us with your queries or requests via our homepage, www.actiongear.co.za or by email at info@actiongear.co.za or give us a call on 011 781 1323.