Which helmet communicator is right for you?

For motorbike riders, winding down an open road with a few biker buddies offers a fun and bond-building experience. Communicating effectively with one another during a trip though, is another story. Most 1st time group riders use a series of hand signals to get there messages across. But this method can get confusing, with signals having double meaning and hands needed to get messages across.

An easier and popular way of communicating, is by making use of popular helmet communicators.

Cardo make an incredible range of communicators that offer handsfree; wireless; inter-communication between riders, passengers and other riders.

So whata so special about these things?

Well imagine being able to take calls, listen to GPS directions, talk to the rider next to you or listen to traffic broadcasted over the radio. All this and more is available within Cardo’s range of communicators available within entry, intermediate and premium level models.

Each model offers a sleek, lightweight design that can quickly and easily be installed with most helmets include Shoei full faced helmets.

Here’s a quick walkthrough a few of their popular models.

Scala Rider Q2 Pro

The Q2 PRO biker-to-biker and passenger-to-rider communication through a comfortable intercom headset system. The technology allows true simultaneous talking between two parties. Users can place phone calls, listen to integrated FM radio or MP3 music and also use the device as a person-to-person intercom. GPS device interactivity is included, and riders can receive GPS voice instructions through the headset without having to manually perform any operations.

Audio features of the Q2 PRO include a new feature, noise cancelling headphones and  AGC technology which automatically adjusts microphone volume based on the amount of ambient noise  Built in VOX technology allows riders to accept or reject calls through voice commands, helping them to concentrate on driving, not pressing control buttons. The dual speakers are designed to be compact for maximum driver fit and comfort. 

Cardo SHO 01

The SHO 01 is made specifically to fit all Shoei helmets. It allows the user to access it’s features with the help of voice activation for convenience. Among the key features is a 4 way intercom system which allows for communication between up to 8 additional riders within a 1.6 km range.

Riders can also stream music from a Bluetooth enabled smartphone, mp3 player or the build in FM radio for extra enjoyment.

Additionally, the SHO 01 also allows connectivity between a GPS navigator for audio directions, played thought the integrated Stereo Headsets.


Scala Rider G9

The G9 also offers all of the features of the communicators above but added a1.6 km range and communicating with up to 8 users.

The G9 also connects to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth and can be connected to an on-board GPS navigator and MP3 players via 3.5mm socket. The kit also includes interchangeable boom and corded microphones for added convenience. User can communicate with users of any Cardo headset regardless of the model with the help of the G9 Quick pairing feature.

Cardo offers a selection of models ready for use on the open road. Communication between groups of bikers is now easily achieved with simple one button touches, maximising safety.