Who says Valentines Day is only for ladies

So with Valentines Day around the corner, gifts are going to be flying left right and centre, and normally it’s only directed at women. But every now and then, ladies decide they want to spoil their man, and ladies if you are “that guy” this year, Action Gear has the perfect gift to make your man smile without burning a hole in your pocket.

Boys and their toys for the last 2 years has really been driven towards drones, and connectivity company Parrot has got the perfect little drone for someone who just wants something fun to play with, enter the Airborne Cargo MiniDrone.

This little guy is perfect for someone who is keen to play around with drones for the very first time and try their hand at piloting a drone without the worry of really crashing it and losing a lot of money. The Parrot Minidrone range is quite extensive, but I took a liking to the Airborne Cargo edition because it comes with a “lego-like” attachment on the top which brings out the kid in you and makes you want to go to the toy store and buy lego attachments and make your drone look even more bad-ass than what it is already.

The cool thing about this drone is it’s not just for adults. So if you have kids, and you looking for a cool gift, and they’ve been asking for a drone and you don’t want to buy them a DJI Phantom, which is definitely for a professional, this is the gift you want to go for. 

Let’s get a bit more technical now. The drone comes with obviously the main unit with a protective attachment, which protects the propellers, incase you crash into something (which is bound to happen as a novice). It also comes with a charging cable, no charging unit, and in Airborne Cargo’s case a little Lego man to fly on top and add some aesthetics to your drone. All you need to fly it is a downloaded app on your smart phone which connects quite quickly and easily.

The unit, if charged through a PC USB port can take around 1h30min to charge, which is a little lengthy considering you only have between, on average, 7-9mins flying time. If however you have a USB wall charger, which runs at around 2.0A output (like a cellphone charger), you looking at getting your drone charged in under 30 mins.

The drone is extremely forgiving when flying it, especially if you a novice when it comes to drones, and its extremely fun and nimble. If you in the office and you’re bored when the boss is out playing golf with his mistress, this is the toy that will keep you entertained, but only for that 7-9mins while he’s busy…

Pros: Nimble, agile and forgiven. Also pretty well priced for a drone if you just looking for a toy to play with.

Cons: Lengthy charge time vs. flying time. Has a VGA camera that only shoots still pictures from directly above you (Not forward facing)

Is it worth the buy, especially to spoil a man for Valentines Day, until his birthday? Definitely!