Why a Drift is the perfect alternative to a GoPro.

For many 1st time buyers, getting their first action camera can be a challenging task. With new brands coming into play all the time, established brands coming in to play with the action camera counterparts or GoPro with there ever growing fan base, the choice can be a challenging one.

Which cam do you choose?

Drift has been  a player in the action cam sector for a few years now any have slowly been creeping into the top three of the action camera market. While a lot of camera releases have been hit and misses for others, Drift have slowly plated their seeds into the soil of extreme sports and are feeding of the fruits of their labour.

Drift Innovation’s premier models at the moment are the Drift HD and Their Drift HD Ghost models. Both placed at the higher end of the spectrum, these babies are no ‘play play’ product.

Now, what makes the Drift such a close competitor for GoPro is there ease of use and high quality.

Design wise, the Drift HD Ghost is more pleasing to the eye. The box shape and the ‘upright only’ form factor of the GoPro make the Drift HD Ghost a more visually appealing alternative.

The mounting options of the Ghost are as vast as the Hero 3 with users able to mount it on their head, chest, shoulder or surfaces like metal and glass.

The Drift HD Ghost is a good example of less talk and all action. The battery life on the Ghost is good with Drift placing it at +- 2 hours on 1080p shooting.

Wi Fi capabilities are included in the HD Ghost and allow access to the use of the included Wi Fi remote and the newly launched Mobile App.

The built in LCD screen is a feature that Drift users absolutely love about it. It not only allows for easier menu operation in colour but also acts a live digital viewfinder. This is excellent if you require set up for your shots.


The Drift Ghost is a very good alternative to the Hero 3 Black Edition. They few ups for the Black do remain though as certain users will look into getting 4.k resolution and shooting at higher frames.

There is a certain fan status linked to action cameras and extreme enthusiasts and all-around users   will choose a brand that they like and will most likely stick with it along with new editions. Different strokes for different folks but if you’re looking to make a switch from the GoPro, a Drift camera is your best bet.

Awesome Features to Consider:

  • Nine feet (3m) waterproof without any housing
  • Built-In 2-Inch LCD Screen with Corning® Gorilla® Glass
  • Maximum Video Resolution: 1080p High Definition
  • microSD Memory Capacity: up to 32GB
  • 25 / 30 / 50 / 60 / 120 fps in WVGA or 25 / 30fps in 1080p
  • Still Photo: 11 megapixel with Photoburst Mode
  • Digital Zoom: Digital x10 (in 1080p, 720p/30/60fps & WVGA mode)
  • Lens Angle: 170° Fully Rotatable Wide Angle Lens (130° at 60fps)
  • LCD Screen: 2.0″ Color TFT
  • Water Proof to 3m (9.84ft)
  • Remote Control: Wireless RF (5m range) Hands Free Video and Photo
  • Mounts: Multiple Mounting Design, Standard 1/4″ 20 thread
  • Audio: Built-in Microphone & Speaker, 2.5mm Mono Plug Input
  • HDMI: Micro HDMI connector for HDTV playback
  • Menus: User Friendly Control Panel in 15 Languages