Why You Need Extra Batteries for your GoPro

Although the GoPro Hero 3 and 3+ both have good battery life, it is always recommended that you have few spare batteries to make the most out of a day of filming. Nothing is worse than catching the perfect wave or riding through the most scenic part of a journey, only to realise that your camera is no longer recording thanks to a flat battery.

When planning to shoot during a specific sport or a planned activity, you want to be able to switch between shooting modes and settings. For example, switching between photo and video modes or switching video quality. Different modes use different amounts of battery power and one would ideally want the freedom of choosing any one of them. Having more than one battery means you are not limited to choosing the modes that take up the least battery power.

Lightweight and easy to swap out

Because the GoPro’s battery is small and light, a good amount of spares can we carried around without adding too much weight to the accessories you already have packed. The rear battery hatch of a Hero 3 or Hero 3+ flips open very easily for added connivance.

With the combination of a finger-tab on a GoPro battery and  the battery hatch that easily flips open, changing the battery takes less than a few seconds.

Other battery options

The GoPro Battery BacPac is a clip on battery power pack that doubles the power of your GoPro camera with a standard battery inserted. Having one with allows you to get up to 4 hours* of battery life from a single charge.

Original GoPro vs 3rd party/Generic Brands

Often people are a bit sceptical about buying and using different batteries to original GoPro ones.

Popular brands such the Wasabi and Smart Tree are great brands that perform as well or better than the GoPro variation. We ourselves as Action Gear have found the 1200mAh Wasabi battery to be quite reliable. See Wasabi vs GoPro blog for a battery comparison.

Battery Charging tips.

A GoPro Dual charger will allow you to independently charge two batteries at the same time.

A GoPro Wall Charger will give you much faster charging times than charging via USB/PC. Simply connect the Wall Charger to a DC socket and connect charging the cable to the camera.

Having spare batteries may seem like an extra expense but it is a necessary extra for any serious GoPro user.  We recommend getting yourself at least one extra battery for sporadic use camera use or two batteries for a day out (of filming). Due to our good knowledge of the GoPro camera range, Action Gear can offer advice and expertise on your GoPro power and charging needs, visit our GoPro or GoPro accessories page for all of our GoPro charging options.