Worldwide Wifi Hot spot with the Iridium GO!

Imagine being able to communicate with anyone in the world, from any location, over satellite using your smartphone. This is exactly what the Iridium GO helps you do. Using their Iridium GO device, users will have the ability to use any Wi-Fi enabled device such us a smartphone, tablet or laptop, to access both data and voice communication with the use of Iridium revolutionary device.

Up to 5 devices can connect at a time with no changes to speed for each device.

This device will add the convenience of and anywhere/anytime access to internet and calls especially in dysfunctional and problem riddled situation. Now people, who find themselves in a situation where they need help but have no phone reception, will now have means to make calls in sticky situations.

If you’re a person who spends a lot of time out in the wild, the chances of connecting to cyberspace in some remote locations is near impossible. This makes the Go just that much handier, offering you outdoor connectivity using Iridium’s low earth satellite connection network.

For adventure types, the GO is also water, shock and dust proof; ensuring safe use in the great outdoors.

With Iridium GO! Price at just $1000 dollars, mass marketing the device could be challenging. Fortunately Iridium have a network of Government users such a s the US Army and Navy, who might eagerly snap the Go right up. Only time will tell if satellite connectivity beyond GPS Navigation systems will take off. If so, Iridium are defiantly on the right track.