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GoPro Tip: Hero 5 Black - How To Take Off The Front Lens And Side Doors

Posted by Action Gear on

Written by Warrick Kernes

Many Action Gear customers phone in asking how exactly do you remove the lens off the front of the Hero 5 Black camera. We get an equal amount of queries about the cameras side door either not clipping off or not being able to be reattached. Some people even think they've broken the side door when it comes off.

Of course both the front lens and the side door are supposed to come off and after watching this tutorial video you'll feel more confident to do it yourself without the fear of damaging it. Because the camera is 10m waterproof the pieces do need to attached super securely so it can seem like your forcing it but this is how it is supposed to be. Once you learn the knack of it it's actually pretty easy.

If there's anything else like this that you're struggling with then please post your questions below and we'll try knock up a video to help you.

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