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South Africa's Top 5 Mountain Bike Trails

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South Africa is home to vast open velds and mountain paths. Our country is blessed enough to have areas with unspoiled rugged terrain, places that would make any mountain bike rider feel right at home.  The following list of South Africa’s top mountain bike spots, is aimed not only at seasoned riders but also for those looking to try trial riding for the first time.

Braamfontein Spruit Trail - Gauteng

This one is our personal favourite here at Action Gear. The main trail stretches out to about 18kms and travels alongside the Braamfontein Stream from the Sandton area down to the beginning of the Melville Koppies area. This is a popular trail for local riders, both seasoned and novice. Each Saturday, groups of riders and mountain bike clubs gather at the parking lot opposite Fratelli Restaurant in Delta Park and then make their way down the trail.

The stunning view from The Braamfonrein Spruit Trail

Harkerville Red Route - Western Cape

This is a trail that is famous for its beautiful scenery, with riders passing unique fynbas shrubland along the way. The trail is about 22kms in length and features a single bike trail and a 4x4 dual trail. The bike trail is predominantly a steep ride with a few level paths. Four colour-coded routes offer riders different trails to match their experience level. Grab yourself a rider’s pass at the Red Route’s start, at Garden of Eden.

A rider on the Harkerville Red Route

Geogap Nature Reserve Trail – Northern Cape

Another scenic trail, the Geogap bike trail splits into two routes right at the beginning. A 14km trail to the left and a 20km long trail towards the right. Each trail  offer steep downhills and a few inclines mid may. This is a must-ride for wildlife lovers, with the trail passing herds of zebra, springbok and gemsbok. The terrain is sandy and slightly rocky. Contact the Geogap Nature Reserve for bookings.

Camelroc Mountain bike Trail – Eastern Free State

This trail is situated at the Camelrock Game Farm in Fouriesburg, Eastern Free State. Riders have a choice of two bike trails. The first is a 10km long figure eight type route, situated within the Camelroc Game Reserve. The second is a 30km ride with two short cuts to reduce the ride to 10km or 20km. The second choice trail is a difficult one, with a tough hill climb towards the end of the trail. With the added pressure of tricky terrain and winding paths, a possible ‘get off and push’ situation might arise for a few riders. The trail winds past a section overlooking the Maluti Mountains, the Caledone Rivers and rural Lesotho. Contact Camelroc Game Reserve for bookings.

The Camelroc Trail 

Camp Shaka bike Trail – KwaZula Natal

The main trail is a 35km long single track route towards Balito. It starts within a downhill dirt road section and slowly transitions into a tarred section past distant views of the ocean. Located 70km from the Durban CBD.

With today’s hectic daily schedules, grabbing yourself a mountain bike and riding your nearest bike trail, is a good way of relaxing and getting away from your regular weekend activities. Mountain bike riding can be a tough but it is also a fun and rewarding experience for a rider at any level.

Looking to get some mountain bike gear? Action Gear stocks a variety of mountain biking accessories including back packs, GPS navigators, sports watches and in-ear communication systems. Why not capture your biking experience with an action camera to save and relive your riding adventures for years to come.  For any product related advice or info visit our webpage – or email us at Additionally, give us a call on 011 781 1323. 

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