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Action Gear Partners With SkyFix - Your Drone Repair Specialists

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Click here to book in your drone for repairs or maintenance.  

Action Gear is proud to announce that we've entered into a partnership with SkyFix - South Africa's drone repair specialists. Better yet, you as a customer of Action Gear will reap the benefits first. How may you ask? Take a read below. 

Who is SkyFix?

SkyFix is your go-to drone repair centre in South Africa. SkyFix understands the urgency in getting your biggest assets back in the sky. Furthermore, their technicians are certified by DJI themselves.

SkyFix also offers more than just repairs, they are also the exclusive distributors for LATAs (a ground and air safety control platform) which is sure to lower the insurance premiums on your drone.
Read more about SkyFix here.

Have any other questions about SkyFix or the types of drones they repair? Read the FAQ here

So How Do Action Gear Customers Benefit From The Partnership With SkyFix?

If you have bought your drones from us, Action Gear, you are a SkyFix priority customer. This essentially means that you get  a 15% discount on your Assessment, Repair and Firmware Update Fees. Read more about this here. 

Get In Touch With SkyFix:

Number: 011 886 0190


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