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DJI Spark Portable Charging Station: Coolest Spark Accessory Yet?

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Spark Portable Charging Station

DJI recently released a brand new accessory for the DJI Spark - and we think this is one of the coolest yet. This is the Portable Charging Station - a powerbank-style charger that will charge your Spark, as well as two additional batteries, all without even being connected to a power source. This is the perfect gift for anyone you know that owns a DJI Spark.

The station has a capacity of 5000mAh, and will charge up to three spark batteries in about 2 and half hours. When plugged into an AC power source, the charging station will also charge itself. The coolest part of the whole thing, though, is that you don't even have to take the battery out of the drone, you just stick the whole thing, drone and all into the charging hub and you're set. You also get a 5V/2A USB port that can be used for charging your remote control or mobile device.

How it works:

1. Open the latch of the securing board, and insert your spare batteries and your Spark (with battery attached). Close the securing board over the drone and batteries.

2. Press the power button once, and then again, holding it in until the station powers up. The station will first charge the battery in your drone, followed by the two additional batteries.

Where to buy:

DJI Spark Portable Charging Station





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