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DJI's First Super 35mm Professional Drone-Mounted Camera

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DJI Takes On The Pro Film Market

Super 35 Sensor. 6K Cinema DNG. 24 MegaPixels.

Did we mention it fits onto an Inspire 2?

In the wee hours of Thursday morning, DJI revealed their latest product offering. Not a new drone, nor a handheld gimbal, but a new addition to its range of ZenMuse gimbal-stabilised cameras. This time they're not mucking about, either.

The ZenMuse X7 is targeted at one market in particular: Professional filmmakers. Up to now, those in the high-end feature film and television commercial industry have had to rely on large, complicated, and not-very-agile super-drones. This was largely due to the heavy camera equipment needed to capture images at pro-level quality, which in turn required an aircraft capable of lifting that kind of payload.

The X7 hopes to replace all of that by mounting itself to the Inspire 2. All-in-all, the entire setup weighs in under 4 kilograms. This is pretty significant, as it will allow for all sorts of new shots and angles that were previously impossible. It will hopefully also bring the cost of using drone photography in professional shoots down quite significantly.

Sadly, focussing your light onto the 35mm sensor is going to be limited to one of DJI's four proprietary DL-Mount lenses, available in 16mm, 24mm, 35mm and 50mm. Each lens is sold separately, although you can purchase all four as a bundle option. It remains to be seen if DJI will make available (read: licence) its DL-Mount technology to other manufacturers. We'll have to wait and see.

But what does the footage look like?

In short, gorgeous. Besides the very impressive flying ability shown by the various pilots that shot the above footage, low light performance looks top-notch, as does the high-speed chase sequences. There's even some breathtaking footage of the Mother City shot from above Table Mountain.

Hats off to DJI for taking on a big challenge: Asking filmmakers to change cameras to one that fits a smaller drone, rather than creating an even larger drone capable of carrying existing filmmaking equipment. If they manage to shift this mindset to the Zenmuse X7, this could be the next major game changer, for not only DJI but the film industry at large.

For the latest pricing, accessories and to register your interest, you can view the ZenMuse X7 on Action Gear here.

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