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Drone Demo Day [Free]: Introduction, laws & test flight presented by Action Gear & United Drone Holdings

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Once the event date is confirmed, you'll be able to bookmark the event & confirm your RSVP.

If you are a new drone owner or in the market to buy a drone  - then this Drone Demo Day event is perfect for you. You'll get the chance to ask some questions, get clued up on the laws and even take part in the demo flights. This event is an Introduction To Drones and all that it can be for you. If you're not so sure, take a look at the "Who will benefit to attend" section further down.

Who is hosting this event and what do they do:

This event is hosted by Action Gear in partnership with United Drone Holdings.

  • About Action Gear: We're an online outdoor gear store, (established in 2010) and our goal is to make your adventures more enjoyable. Some of our gear includes Drones, Action Cameras, Sports Watches, Stabilizers and more. Our goal is to stay on top of the latest gear in terms of product releases, news and advances. 
  • About SkyFix: SkyFix is SA's drone repair specialists. They partnered with Action Gear in 2016, bringing the full drone package together from purchase, support, maintenance and repairs. 
  • About United Drone Holdings: United Drone Holdings engages the international drone market by creating unique and purpose driven relationships with entrepreneurs looking to be part of this incredible industry. From Mine surveying, Drone Pilot Training, Industry-specific RPAS Manufacturing to Specialised Commercial UAV Consulting Services. 



More Information on the Drone Demo Day:

  1. Event Details (date, time, location, fee)
  2. RSVP to this event
  3. Program + who will benefit to attend
  4. What you need to bring on the day
  5. About the Demo Flying
  6. Got any questions?
  7. Indemnity clause



 1. Event Details:

  • DateTo be confirmed
  • Time: 08:30 - 12:00 (see program further down for a more detailed description)
  • Fee: This event is free, simply RSVP below to attend.
  • Location: UDH hanger (near Copperleaf Golf course in Centurion). The venue was selected so that we can ensure safe and legal flights on the day.


    2. RSVP:

    Please note that we only have 50 spots available for this event. In order to secure your spot for this event, you'll need to RSVP*. An RSVP is for one spot only, if you are booking for multiple people you will need to do each RSVP separately.

    • Click here to RSVP to the event / stay in the loop with news on the date. 
    • RSVP deadline date:  To be confirmed

    If you have sent in an incorrect RSVP or want to retract your RSVP, please email 

    *When you RSVP to this event you agree to the following indemnity clause.


    3. Event Program + who will benefit to attend:

    Here's the program* for the day:

    • [08:30 - 09:00] Registration, Coffee & Welcoming (please be seated at 9)
    • [09:00 - 09:20] Introduction + Explanation of drones (type of drones and their uses)
    • [09:25 - 09:40] Overview of safety and laws
    • [09:40 - 09:55] Q & A session
    • [10:00 - 10:10] Instructor lead test flight
    • [10:10 -10: 55] Demo Flying (We'll break up into smaller groups where selected attendees will be able to test fly some of the drones at the venue)
    • [11:00 - 11:10] Wrap Up 
    • [11:10 - 12:00] We'll be around for another hour for any last questions / test flights. Please note that additional test flights are dependent on the time and battery life of the drones. 

    *Please note that this is a rough estimation for the event with the aim to wrap up at 12. 


    Who will benefit from this event:

    If you've said yes to one or more of the following, we suggest you book this date and come along!

    • You are a new drone owner and have a few questions
    • You want a drone but you aren't sure which one to get
    • You want to buy a drone but have some questions first
    • If you have an interest in drone laws & safety for hobbyists
    • If you want to test fly a drone before committing to a purchase
    • You are curious about the use / purpose of a drone
    • You want to know the differences between the DJI Mavic, GoPo Karma and Parrot Bebop type drones.

    You're welcome to pick our brains on the day and get some insights into the world of drones.


    4. What you need to bring on the day:

    You don't have to bring anything to the event other than yourself. If you have a drone and want to bring it along, you're more than welcome to. We will however supply drones on the day for you to look at and for the Test / Demo Flights. 

     What you'll get on the day:

    • Coffee + Snacks
    • A work book, which contains:
      • The program
      • A note taking section
      • Valuable information for the day (highlights of the topics discussed)
    • Coupons / Discounts that can be redeemed at Action Gear, SkyFix and United Drone Holdings


    5. About the Demo Flying:

    Is it safe / legal to fly there?

    It is completely safe to fly at the venue. This location was specifically chosen for safe and legal flights on the day during the test flights. 

    Will I get a chance to fly?

    There will be an opportunity for attendees to fly on the day during the Demo Flight segment. However, these few attendees will be selected. The flights will also be dependent on the amount of attendees at the event, the drones available and battery life. 

    Which drones are available to fly on the day?

    We'll have a mixture of the following drone brands, once the specific drones are confirmed we'll update this list.
    • DJI Drones
      • Such as the DJI Mavic Pro
    • GoPro Karma Drone
    • Parrot Drones


    6. Got any questions?

    If you have any questions regarding the event, you can visit Facebook and check out some of the discussions on the event page (once live). Otherwise feel free to post your questions in the comment section below!

    Look forward to seeing you there!


    Indemnity clause: When you RSVP to this event you accept that neither Action Gear , SkyFix and / or United Drone Holdings will not be held responsible for any losses, damages, liabilities or expenses in connection with this event or circumstances.

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