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No Fly-Zones in South Africa

Posted by Action Gear on

Following on from last week's infographic on how to fly your drone legally as a hobbyist in South Africa, there was a fair amount of confusion as to exactly where in South Africa a person is and isn't allowed to fly their drone. To help clear up the confusion, we've created a map to help you determine if your flight is legal:

According to the SACAA, the following areas are all considered "No-fly zones" for hobbyist drone pilots: 

  • Do not fly your drone:
    • Near manned aircraft
    • 10 km or closer to an aerodrome (airport, helipad or airfield) (indicated in map above)
    • In controlled, restricted or prohibited airspace, which includes:
      • Near crime scenes, courts of law or prisons
      • Near Power Stations (indicated on map above)
      • Near National Key Points (indicated on map above)
      • In any SANParks controlled National Park, such as Table Mountain National Park, Kruger National Park and all other National Parks (indicated on map above)
  • At all times, keep your drone at least 50m away from:
    • Any person or group of persons (like sport fields, road races, stadiums, schools, social events, etc.)
    • All public roads
    • Any property without permission from property owner
  • Only fly your drone in daylight and clear weather conditions

Disclaimer: The above map exists as a guide only, and must not be seen as conclusive. It remains the responsibility of the pilot to ensure that their flights are legal and safe. For more information, please visit the SACAA's website, or contact them directly.

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  • @Devashish

    Randburg is situated outside most of the no-fly zones, however, there are a number of things you need to consider:

    1. Randburg is a highly built-up area, which makes it difficult (if not almost impossible) to maintain the required distance of 50m from all public roads, schools, and the like.

    2. You may not fly over another property owner’s private property without their permission.

    3. Due to the high population density demanding mobile connectivity and high-rise buildings, signal interference is almost guaranteed. The risk of collision with power lines (largely invisible to your drone’s obstacle avoidance system) is also very high.

    Your best bet if you must fly in Randburg is Delta Park, or Emmarentia Dam provided neither of these places is busy or crowded. Sadly Gauteng isn’t the most friendly airspace when it comes to flying your drone, thanks to the sheer amount of National Key Points and Airports. Luckily not too far out of the city there is plenty of space to fly – Hartbeespoort, the Magaliesberg and Roodeplaat are all fantastic spots.

    Simon @ Action Gear on
  • Hi, Can I fly my drone anywhere in Randburg??

    Devashish Raverkar on
  • Hi Kai,

    This map is very much a living document and is in no way conclusive – it’s main role is to help provide a bit of clarity in what is still a very murky space – feel free to send on the omissions to me at simon [at] actiongear [dot] co [dot] za and I will gladly incorporate them. Thanks!

    Simon @ Action Gear on
  • Please advise who published this chart, as there are some areas that have been omitted in the Cape Town area. Thank you

    Kai on

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